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3 Day Diet- Round 2

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. I was hoping for it to be Friday at least, but I'm still in the throes of round two. 

Yesterday started out alright, though I didn't have my grapefruit and didn't end up eating anything else to replace it. Then finally when lunch rolled around, I was too busy. By the time I was ready to eat, my boss had asked me to go to lunch with him and our other boss. I thought it might be something important and work related, so I thought it was in my best interest to go. 

Unfortunately I was wrong and it was a group lunch. However, we were going somewhere that I knew had decently healthy food options, even if it wasn't tuna on bread. I ordered my lettuce wraps and only ate about half. I figured that was going to be fairly close to the calorie content of the lunch I was supposed to have.

Then when work finally wrapped up, I had to eat a quick dinner since we were hosting family game night at my place! I had steak again, with some yummy green beans. 

I munched down my banana while I made homemade apple sauce to go on the ice cream for dessert. I just cut them, warmed them up in my food processor, then added some cinnamon! It was super delicious and went really well with the ice cream.

My family expected food at this thing, so we cooked up a couple pizzas and they happily ate away. I was definitely a little jealous, since pizza is one of the best foods in the whole world. I snuck in a few small bites of the crust but otherwise held strong. Especially since I had already cheated once today.

The gaming went really well, especially since I'm pretty sure I won! We played one of my favorite games and it's about part of our pretty state! It's like Monopoly, except better, since it doesn't take as long and you start out with debt, which is way more like the real world and makes it more interesting. 

I love spending time with my family, so I'm glad we've started the game days. And it's especially nice to have my family visit my pretty home. It makes me really happy to show it off, and just in general to live there. I really like the feeling of being a real adult, though having to go to work is a bit of a bummer sometimes...

I am posting this diet and my experience for informational purposes only! I am not responsible for anything you choose to do! Please check with your doctor before starting this diet.


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